Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's make me hard to trust my YM friends



     An article written by Bogdan Popa attracts my attention to do review on it. The article title is ‘I Simply Love Yahoo Messenger, Especially When It Makes Me Vulnerable’. This article discussing on the problem might faced by yahoo messenger (YM) users. It was because; the author defined a problem on YM, when the users install YM in their computer, and their computer might be affected by virus if the computer system is vulnerability.

           However, McAfee, the giant of security system advised YM users those are frequently use live chatting should be aware because is now affected by the vulnerability is This can affect the user’s webcam support as such McAfee suggest users to avoid unknown webcam invitation. To overcome this problem, Yahoo have taken many step to solve the problem that faced by the users and the author also stated that new version of YM will be introduced. Thus, the author suspected that there is a sign of vulnerability in other instant messenger networks.

           After I read the article by Popa, I realize that the vulnerability in YM is one of the hot issues in 2007. I think vulnerability create a security problem among YM users where the spammers use this chance to hack users account and post bad information in their status messages (Rahul Mohandas, 2006). Because of spamming, the reputation of the YM users was spoiled. Other than that, the low security system in user’s computer is also one of the reasons which allow the hackers to spread viruses (Gu, 2007) when downloading or making live chat in YM. However, I’m very happy after getting know that this problem has been solved but I still worried that the author reveal that there is other vulnerability in other network.

            In order to that, I recommend all user not only Yahoo user but then other users also should be aware and install latest anti-virus or always updating their anti-virus in their computer as a security protection. Users also should not accept any unsecure application as the author said in that article because ‘prevent is better than cure’. Moreover, Yahoo, Google, MSN and other network should also increase their security system in order to avoid this problem occur again and again. For the hackers, I feel that doing such things it represent immorality and this can cause many problems to users and internet networks in term of financial, reputation, trust. So, I request them to be concern to others and use the technology which can bring benefits to others but not to harm others.

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