Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Password Is Strong. How About Yours??

People nowadays are used many sites and have many accounts. I have getting know that many of them are using the same password for each and every accounts. As such, this my friendly advice that do not use the same password to all accounts and also do not use same alphabets. this can make your password very weak and people can easily hack your accounts. So, here I have uploaded a video on how to make your password be strong. Hope you will watch it and try to emphasis on your daily life as it can avoid your accounts to be hacked. Be an intelligent user!


  1. WOW.. it's a good tips Sasi.. Of course, my password is very weak because before this I really don't know the proper way to create a strong I find a way to make it stronger...thank you very much for the video clip girl..:) Good job..congratz

  2. It's my pleasure..thanks yar :) :)

  3. yaa.. it's really true guys...nobody can find out our password if we follow this method.. many people does aware with their password since there are some forgery happens around us..thanks to sasy who publish this video, so then i can share this video....