Saturday, June 9, 2012

Every Problems Have A Solution

Remove YM ID from someone friends list

"Although I delete that person, my name still will be appearing in that person’s friends list. When I’m being online, the person can still send message to me and its make me feel irritating" (Lindha Arokiasamy, 2012).
Do you feel the same?? Here a short video clip on how to remove your YM ID from your other friends list. Your problems will disappear after this, I'm sure... :) 

Lindha Arokiasamy. (2012, May 15). Cyber Entertainer. [blog] Retrieved Jun 9, 2012, from Critical of YM:;postID=5775665326607229096

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  1. hmm..congratz have found the way to remove the ID from other's friend list. I think this info will help me to do so.. Thank alot for the video clip and i hope there will not be any disturbance from unwanted friends..:)