Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages using Yahoo Email

 Great Things About Yahoo Email

      Unlimited storage is one of the best features with Yahoo. Compare this with other email programs such as Gmail (which only gives you 7329 MB of mail storage) and Hotmail (which gives you 5GB of email storage).
    Users are subject to Yahoo’s abuse policies, which requires users to follow “normal email practices” and not engage in activities like using Yahoo mail for basic online storage (a number of services have popped up to help people use Gmail for this purpose). Abusive accounts will not be summarily deleted – users will be notified by Yahoo and/or accounts suspended, but users will still have access to the data.

          The reason: you can save your emails online and not on your desktop where they would take up space on your hard drive. Anyone that is trying to conserve space on their hard drive would be better served by using a Yahoo Email account than one of these offline desktop applications, in my opinion.

        That’s right, if you don’t want to download Yahoo Messenger, one nice thing about the new version of Yahoo Email (and which they are supposed to make available even on Classic Yahoo Email) is the chat function. Sometimes, it extremely annoying, it is nice that you don’t have to download an application to chat with your yahoo messenger buddies anymore. Again, this saves space on your hard drive.

        I really like Yahoo’s calendar and I use it to keep track of my writing deadlines. Also, you can set the calendar up to send you e-mail reminders about events that you have scheduled on your calendar. This is very useful and means you don’t have to worry so much about forgetting deadlines.

       Yahoo Email has a notepad feature which I also really like.I use Yahoo’s Notepad when I’m researching online.When you click on the Notepad tab, you can open a new note or edit your existing notes.You can use Yahoo Notepad to take notes or copy and paste sections of text from different web pages to use in your research, for example. Notepad also allows you to set up folders to organize all of your notes.

      It scans quickly, and ultimately protects you from getting a virus which can then attack your computer.In my opinion, this is one of the best things about Yahoo Email because I don’t have to worry about downloading an email with a virus that is then going to mess up my computer.
When you are using an e-mail application like Outlook Express for example, you have to be sure you have some kind of anti-virus software on your computer. And even then, an e-mail with a virus has been known to slip through.

       With Yahoo’s Stationery option, you can choose to use to dress up your emails. Along these same  lines, Yahoo Email also has emoticons built in, plus the ability to change the color, size and font of your text, the ability to use bullets, change the alignment of any line, and highlight any word or line of text. All these features make Yahoo E-mail fun to use!

Not So Great Things About Yahoo Email

      This can be unfortunate, as many people want to be able to download their email to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express on their desktops. If you are one of those people, then Yahoo Email probably isn’t for you. That is, unless you don’t have a problem paying a fee for web based e-mail to have this capability.

     This is especially true with the new improved version. That’s another reason that I’ve stuck with Yahoo Classic Mail, because there is only one ad banner at the top, plus one at the top and bottom of the bar on the left. That’s it. In the new version, ads appear everywhere making the page look so busy that you can barely tell where your email starts or ends.

All in all, the advantages of using Yahoo Email clearly outweigh the disadvantages in my opinion. I’m certainly willing to put up with a few ads (and even the Chat Rooms for every person in my address book who is online), if it means I get to keep using Yahoo Email for free. After all, if you really don’t want these 2 things to annoy , you can just switch to Yahoo Classic Mail instead, and that solves the problem.


  1. Even, there is many benefits in YM e-mail but I feel annoying when facebook noticition also included in my YM e-mail box. Each time I logging into my YM e-mail, I saw many notification regarding Facebook activities.:( Actualy, how to stop that uh?? Please suggest any way to stop the FB notification into my E-mail box..

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