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        This article deal with the chatters who missing yahoo messenger’s old sounds. The title of this article is ‘Addicted to Yahoo Messenger’s Old Sounds? Here’s Howto Install Them!’ by Bogdan Popa. In this article, the author stated that yahoo has introduced the new version of Yahoo Messenger 8.1 with the additional features such as new sounds (Dickson, 2006). He also stated that introduce of new sounds have attracted some chatters. At the same time, there are also some chatter those are not very satisfied with the new sounds and them still pretending for old sounds.

           In order to that, many chatter has require to bring back the old sounds in yahoo messenger (YM). Many chatter are addicted and started to install the old sounds manually in their YM. This scenario make the author feel very down and he try to solve this problems by providing simple way to install the YM old sounds easily. The further content of this article is discussing about the ways to install YM old sounds. By following the simple ways given by the author, the chatters who love old sounds in YM can easily install it at the same time they also can enjoying using YM old sounds.

            From this article, we can get know that chatters are more likely to use old sounds in YM more than new sounds. What is the special about these old sounds in YM? In my point of view, I’m more prefer to use old sounds rather than new sounds in YM because the old sounds such as it will say “Yahoo mail” can attract my attention when there is mail in my inbox (Gunn, 2005). I also missing the door bell sound when I get ‘buzzed’. But, after YM changed to new version, I started to realize that the new version did not give any alert sounds when receiving new mails. Other than that, the new version message also did not give any alert sounds when my friends are being online in YM. Unfortunately, this makes me did not realize about the appear of my online friends in YM and sometimes my online friends tend to misunderstand about me when I’m reply to them lately. This is the reason why I’m missing the old sounds of YM. Therefore, I really agree and appreciate the author initiative to help the chatters to enjoy back the old sounds.

           To make all chatters being satisfied with YM services, I suggest the latest version of YM should give choices for chatters. The YM sounds and alert categories should compress with the old and new sounds. So that, the chatters can choose their favorite sounds either old or new sounds in their YM. By this, the YM can bring satisfaction to all the YM users.

Dickson, M. (2006). An examination into Yahoo Messenger 7.0 Contact Identification. Journal of Digital Investigation, Vol.3 , 159-165.

Gunn, A. (2005). Ping!: The Yahoo! Messenger Guide To All Things IM. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

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  1. Ya, I'm also kinda missing that old sound. Even the sounds is annoying but still I love it.