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         A few days ago, I have read an article with title ‘Comparing MSN and Yahoo Messenger’ by Telesphore. In this article, the author makes a relevant point and noted that there are advantage and disadvantage of MSN and Yahoo Messenger (YM). Nowadays, instant messaging becomes as one of the popular social activities among the Internet users. In order to this, MSN and YM become one of the top providers of instant messages. As the author stated MSN and YM have some advantage and disadvantage in the ways of providing their services to the users.

         The author discovered that MSN remain the most friendly instant messenger provider which is mostly used by user as a social communication tool. This makes the population of the MSN users become huge and this create problem to the MSN. According to the author of this article, people create many viruses such as Webcam032 and Picture.exe to corrupt MSN network (Leavitt, 2005). Other than that, MSN also provide winks features that allow chatters to send message which compressed with video sounds, latest video sounds and more entertaining features via IMing. Besides that, MSN also allow chatters to send videos without using voice server (Chiang et al., 2006).       
            On the other hand, the author also described about YM where YM remain small number of user and is more specific to business communication. Moreover, YM also did not found any virus in their network if compare to MSN network. Furthermore, YM also offer the chatters to use voice conferencing to many friends by one call (Stotts et al., 2003). However, MSN do not have voice conference call and the user only voice communication to one person only. Finally, the author concluded that users are the decision makers either to use MSN or YM, depends on their interest.

           As an instant messenger user, I will go for YM which is the smarter choice. From my experience of using YM from the past six years, I have not faced much problem when using YM. I’m not condemned MSN but I’m more comfortable to use YM because as long as I use YM, I did not face any virus problems. Moreover, I’m also very convenient to use YM and I love to use it. The most interesting part in YM is I can send instant messages to other networks such as MSN. This is why I’m not interested to use other network’s instant messenger and I think there is no necessary to have MSN.

     However, as an Instant Messenger user I would like to recommend that MSN should take concern on this matter and try to reduce the virus spreading activities as it will help their user not meet with this kind of problem anymore. Hence, YM can also make changes in user perception that YM is based Business sector. So, the YM can be more popular and it can increase the number of YM user.

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