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Is Yahoo Messenger is the best choice??


Is Yahoo Messenger the best choice??

       The article with the title ‘Disadvantages of Yahoo Messengers’ by Chris Pine was attracted my attention to do review about the article. The author Pine noted that nowadays yahoo messengers have many competitors instant of offering chat messenger such as Facebook, MSN Messenger, Gtalk and more. In order to that, the author makes point that Yahoo Messenger (YM) should take initiative to define their problems and try to solve it as it will help them to continue survive in this world of business.

            Furthermore, the author also coined several scenario that can make the users feel regret to have an YM. The scenario that the author stated in this article is the YM should have a yahoo account before sign in to YM. Even this is reasonable but the author felt that not everyone have yahoo account because they are very familiar with Google account. As a result, this will affect the chances to getting new YM users. Other than that, the author also reveals that many people not interested to having yahoo accounts because of the presents of Facebook. Moreover, the SMS service in YM also limited where users can only send limited words by using hand phones.   Finally, she also stated that there is no customer support to YM in order to upgrade YM services.

           I’m agreeing with the author’s opinion, by making my friend’s experience which is related to these issues. According to her perspective, she personally feel that having a Google account is better than yahoo account because of the popularity of Google among people. People feel having Google account make them feel class (Sat & Wah, 2007).  By having Google account, its easy for her to have Gtalk either than YM because YM will require a yahoo account. Besides that, I also experienced problems in sending messages through YM to hand phones. When I’m sending long messages, the message will not deliver and it shows error on sending. According to Fabri & Moore (2005) Yahoo Messenger sms quato is on 40 character per sms. Moreover, I also cannot send more than three messages continuously to hand phones by using YM.

           To solve these problems, I think the YM should abolish their basic condition to signing up for YM which requires the users to have yahoo mail account before signing up the YM (Tyson, 2004). So that, it will increase the number of YM users. The YM service also should extend the limitations of sending messages to hand phones by using YM in order to make the chatters enjoy sending messages to their beloved.

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