Saturday, June 9, 2012

No More Facebook message into your Email

Are you very upset and tired in deleting Facebook notifications in your e-mail box?? Here a video to guide you on how to

Disable Email Notification Facebook


  1. Sasi, I have noticed your comment which is about your asking for the way to remove Facebook notifications into your YM. so, I hope this video will help you to solve your problem:) hope you will get benefit from this video:)

  2. Owh! so kind of you.. thanks Lindha for upload this video and its really help me to solve my probs. You know what? After I watched the video, I follow the instructions given and I can disable Facebook msg to my e-mail. Thanks a lot and its really bring benefits me. My probs solved! Tq :)

  3. there are plenty of the facebook message uploaded in yahoo mailbox everyday.... i faced the problem since everyday i log in to my yahoo for the purpose to deleting the messages... it's like waste of my time.. i really finding a solution to upcoming the problem.. thank you linda for upload the video, so then i can apply it... :)