Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to detect invisible users on Yahoo! Messenger

Another video for our beloved viewers. Some people put their status in offline or busy mode while using Yahoo! Messenger. Maybe for some purposes. But today, we will learn about how to detect invisible users on Yahoo! Messenger. I will upload the video below. For those who want to chat with their friends but found out that their status was in offline mode, you guys can check this out. I was a simple step. A very simple step and u can only do this by following the instruction given. Good Luck guys.. ;)


  1. OMG! after this I cannot make myself invisible to others..they will simply identify me. huhuhu.. :(

  2. Not bad..but I'm really not very happy with this video clip. It's not good to involve in other's YM status. Some people like to be invisible to other's because they may have some other important works or not in good mood to chat and one more thing that is their own decision to be invisible to other's or not. So that, we don't have any rights to check out their personal status and it's not showing a good attitude. TRY TO AVOID THIS ATTITUDE.